Quality Guarantee

Quality in terms of our production is everything to us. Indeed, part of what sets us apart from many other blazer manufacturers is the overall quality of all our garments. We do not work with any man-made fabrics - we only use naturally sourced yarns such as wool and cotton, woven here in the Yorkshire Dales. We also don’t print onto our fabric - if you’re looking for a particular stripe for your blazer, this would be woven into the fabric itself.

We also believe that if your blazer is made from cloth featuring a stripe, these stripes should match so that when the individual panels of the jacket are sewn together they create a seamless finish. Our designs and patterns ensure that this is possible everytime.

The craftsmen and women that provide all of our embroidery have worked in the industry as long as we have, and can work to the high standards that we set for each garment. Their refined skills ensure that there’s not a stitch out of place.

You can visit one of our showrooms to see for yourself the quality of our blazers, or click here to enquire about designing your own.